Simple Steps to Protect Your Home

Having your car or home broken into is devastating not only physically and financially, but also psychologically. Your sense of peace and safety is suddenly gone, and your whole life can feel like it’s upside down. Although no home can be completely protected from intruders, there are steps you can take to lower the chances that someone will break into your home.

  • Invest in a Home Security System

    A home security system doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, installing a generic home security sticker on your window or a sign in your yard can be enough to deter a would-be intruder. Securtiy cameras give you extra eyes on your property, though keep in mind that intruders could try to avoid a visible camera or might even try to break them. Motion-activated floodlights are excellent for detering intruders, since they try to avoid being seen.

  • Lock All Doors, Windows, and Gates

    All of your gates, windows, and doors should have quality locks on them. A local locksmith may be able to point out weak entry points of the home, including insufficient doors or frames. A good entry lock works best when installed into a solid door and frame. You might also invest in doorbell cameras to see who’s outside your door, glass breakage alarms to stop a burglar from entering, and motion sensors throughout your house.

  • Keep Your Yard Clean and Trimmed

    Intruders will often try to be sneaky and hide from view as they look for a weak point in your home to break through. Your house is less likely to be a target by burglars if your yard is clean and all hedges and bushes are trimmed low, especially in front of windows. Don’t install obstructions such as lattice or decorative fencing in front of doors and other possible entry points. Don’t leave valuable possessions out in plain view that may tempt an intruder.

Create a Neighborhood Watch Program

In addition to securing your home, you should get to know your neighbors and consider a neighborhood watch program. This means when a neighbor sees suspicious activity at another neighbor’s house, he or she takes action, such as calling the police. When you’re all looking out for each other, your neighborhood is likely to be less of a target for intruders.